Advanced Floor Check Management

Dealers are nowadays being subjected to more and more pressure. The necessary sales figures are directly related to the presentation of the product range, which is meant to be as attractive and comprehensive as possible, at the point of sale (POS). The capital required for the inventories is normally provided via wholesale financing. As security for these loans, the financial services provider assigns the objects as collateral. While in the case of vehicles the registration certificate serves as the deed of ownership and is administered in the archive or collateral management system of the financial services provider, the portfolio of collaterals is regularly monitored by means of floor checks.

The afb Fast Integration Business Service 'Advanced Floor Check Management' enables the digital recording and transfer of these floor check mandates and results.

Features Advanced Floor Check Management

  • Workflow-supported floor-check management platform
  • Intuitive administration of the floor-check policy with respect to the frequency and intensity of inspections, subject inter alia to the number of objects, loan amount or payment disruptions
  • Convenient creation of digital inspection orders with information on e.g. location, scope and organisation of inspection
  • Mobile, digital recording of inspection data and results including image material as part of the physical check with the help of the afb-Digitizer-App
  • Creation and transfer of the formal inspection report including data and images on the basis of which follow-up activities can be initiated
  • Connection to arbitrary collateral management systems via standardised interface for importing collaterals and partner data as well as inspection results

    Advantages at a glance

    • Simple integration: the modular structure and the underlying process-controlled architecture facilitate the integration into existing systems. The connection to collateral management systems is created via a standardised interface.
    • Quality and efficiency improvement: the workflow-supported recording and validation taking into account previous inventory checks, reduce manual error rates, increase data quality and reduce processing and lead times.
    • Increasing customer satisfaction: the comprehensive and objective logging of the object’s condition including extensive image and data material and a simultaneous reduction of resources, optimises customer satisfaction and loyalty.


      • Digital process optimisation: the process configuration without media discontinuity deploying mobile and stationary devices as well as the automated data transfer to collateral-administering systems result in the reduction of processing and lead times and to an optimal data use in follow-up processes.
      • Proper processing: the business service accelerates, simplifies and automates the assessment and documentation processes while taking into consideration the principles of security and correctness.

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