Vehicle Ident & Value Check

When calculating credit repayments or leasing rates in motor-vehicle financing, the precise prediction of residual values determines the attractiveness of an offer. The more precisely the vehicle concerned and its standard and non-standard equipment can be described, the better the calculation of the correct residual value. In principle, identification can be obtained based on various numbers or codes. These include for example, VIN (vehicle identification number/chassis number), MKN/TKN (manufacturer key number/type key number), codes of ETS (Eurotax Schwacke) or DAT (Deutsche Automobil Treuhand).The afb Business Service ‘Vehicle Ident & Value Check’ captures data about standard and non-standard equipment provided by the manufacturer with the aid of these codes. The vehicle’s value can be reliably calculated thanks to the automatic identifikation. The automatic inclusion of  the vehicle specification and the residual value in the request for financing considerably expedites the processing and additionally reduces sources of error.

Features Vehicle Ident & Value Check

    • Easy and fast vehicle identification by means of identification numbers and/or codes.
    • Determination of vehicle-specific standard and non-standard equipment
    • Calculation of market value as well as separate detailed valuation according to standard and factory-produced non-standard equipment
    • Flexible incorporation of the Business Service in vendor portals, dealer management systems as well as the front, middle and back office systems of financial services providers
    • Service triggered manually or automatically

      Advantages at a glance

      • Higher data quality: vendors and financial services providers benefit from unequivocal identification and reliable valuation as a result of accelerated front, middle and back office processes.
      • Error avoidance: the automatic import of data into the request for financing reduces error rates.
      • Automation: the flexibility of this afb Business Service allows seamless integration into existing process landscapes. This means that the manual generation of valuations is a thing of the past.


      • Greater customer satisfaction: regardless of time and place, a customer self service enables customers to consult current market prices. Reaching a decision is facilitated by realistic valuation of old vehicles for part exchange. Faster processes in the generation of offers free up more time for consulting and sales, leaving the customer with a positive feeling.


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