Advanced Risk & Compliance Management

According to the Money Laundering Act, it is an obligation to check the legitimation and identity of all persons and organisations involved in a business transaction. In addition to the primary partners, e.g. a first or second applicant or guarantor, this also applies to any other partners (vendors, economic beneficiaries, authorized signatories, control owners etc.) connected with the business transaction. In terms of corporate governance, the company’s own ethical standards also require that risky transactions should be avoided by possessing detailed knowledge of the persons involved. In order to achieve these goals, companies use external data sources, which contain dedicated sanction, PEP and embargo lists. In addition, own lists with various partners may also be maintained.

The afb Fast Integration Business Service 'Advanced Risk & Compliance Management' allows you to identify high-risk business partners based on detailed, up-to-date profiles of more than 650,000 listed persons and organisations.

Features Advanced Risk & Compliance Management

  • Business service for the assessment of the legitimation and identity of persons and organisations involved in a business transaction
  • Flexible, incident-related individual checks or batch-oriented, automated full or partial inventory checks using certified algorithms
  • Individually definable search in up-to-date databases containing more than 650,000 profiles in different lists
  • Automatically generated hit list for manual or automated processing
  • Configurable search strategy, comparison parameters and hit probability
  • Automatic entry into result list depending on similarity according to defined configurable set of rules
  • Convenient processing of result list including verification of hits, upload of documents and automatic dispatch of messages in accordance with result status
  • International application capability due to country-specific configuration of relevant databases

    Advantages at a glance

    • Simple integration: the streamlined scope, the underlying service-oriented architecture and standardised interfaces facilitate the integration into existing application landscapes.
    • Convenient maintenance of comparison parameters: aearch strategy, comparison parameters and hit probability can be administered via an online interface.
    • Full flexibility: the business service enables incident-oriented, case-by-case examinations of business contacts in case of concrete suspicious facts as well as regular identity checks of the full or partial database comprising aspects of procurement, distribution, accounting or human resources.




    • Legal security: the exact compliance with statutory requirements regarding identity checks in addition to law-conform documentation produce both legal and operational security.
    • Efficiency improvements: the streamlining and digitalisation of processes result in more efficient workflows.


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