Capability Calculation Portal Snippet

These days consumers no longer merely expect general financing offers, but much rather individual ones tailored to their needs. Budget restrictions should be accounted for very early in the object selection process so as to prevent negative purchasing experiences and harmonise price and affordability as best as possible.

With the help of the afb Fast Integration Business Service 'Capability Calculation Portal Snippet', the user is able to calculate the maximum financing amount based on financing data such as term, installment or deposit in line with dealer-specific financing conditions.

Features Capability Calculation Portal Snippet

  • Calculation service to determine the maximum possible financing amount
  • Support of different sales channels, e.g. integration into the websites of manufacturers or dealers
  • Integrated workflow for checking the plausibility of collected information
  • Budget-based online calculation with dealer-specific financing conditions to create individual financing and service offers by using the business service 'Retail Calculation Portal Snippet'
  • Taking account of the financing amount as search criteria in the business service 'Stock Sale Portal Snippet' for determining the desired objects in the catalogue or inventory

Advantages at a glance

  • Simple integration into websites: the business service can be easily and flexibly integrated into the websites of manufacturers, dealers, comparison portals, service and financial services providers.
  • Multi-channel and multi-device solution: for the purpose of linking real and virtual sales processes, this service can be used equally by the virtual customer on the website of the dealer or manufacturer as well as by the stationary vendor via tablet or desktop.


  • Parameters for adjusting look & feel: through the individual configurability of typefaces and colours, the business service is able to optimally adjust to the specific corporate design.
  • Optimisation of customer satisfaction: being able to determine the feasible financing amount taking into account budget restrictions and independently of opening times increases customer satisfaction. Moreover, the optimised response capacity and customer proximity of the vendor brought about by seamless data processing exert a positive influence.


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