Advanced Digital Document Management

Due to the increased use of electronic document archiving, the carrier medium paper has become less significant. Document-based business processes usually make use of optical copies of documents created with the help of scanners following postal delivery.

The afb Fast Integration Business Service 'Advanced Digital Document Management' supports an end-to-end digitalisation of document-based business processes by recording, storing and communicating time-critical information and converts the late-scan into an early-scan process.

Features Advanced Digital Document Management

  • End-to-end digitalisation of document-based business processes
  • Business service for transferring, administering, inspecting, analysing and processing electronic documents and information through different stakeholders
  • Integration of various input channels (direct upload, afb-Digitizer-App, via e-mail)
  • Simple connection to various systems via standardised surface and interfaces
  • Optional comfort functionalities such as synchronisation with ECM/DMS solutions, content extraction through optical text recognition (OCR) and automatic allocation through intelligent pattern recognition
  • afb-Digitizer-App: automated processing of scanned documents, read-out of QR codes, secured transfer of document bundles with meta, image and content data

Advantages at a glance

  • Efficiency gains: the conversion of the late-scan into an early-scan process leads to a clearly optimised lead time and flexibility in recording, storing and communicating time-critical information.
  • Customer orientation: the closer interaction and quicker response time have a positive impact on customers.
  • Quality improvement: the automated processing of extracted data results in a lower error rate in the manual work steps and generates higher data quality.


  • Cost optimisation: tower error rate, efficiency gains and a higher degree of automation result in an optimised cost situation.
  • Security: the principles of correctness and security are taken into consideration whenever data are extracted, analysed, transferred or processed.


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