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„from mind to market“ starts in the mind!

It all begins in the mind: as a full service provider for the financial services industry, we always keep an eye on the market and its trends and needs. As a learning organisation, we are continuously challenging and re-inventing our services and pushing for innovation. We always strive to reach the best solution and we apply our mind for the benefit of our customers, partners and suppliers. Enthusiasm for a shared goal transforms a team into a robust unit, where team members combine their skills and experience to achieve excellence.

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A tradition of innovation

Innovation is the central element of our corporate DNA. It is not only a response to the needs of customers, but the expression of our character: during the past two decades of the company's history, afb has repeatedly pioneered IT innovations that have revolutionised the financial services industry.



Founding of afb

Establishment as a provider of credit and leasing applications

More than 30,000 implementations

Launch of the first web-enabled front office solution in Europe


Introduction of fully automated credit decision

Wholesale finance solution with focus vehicle

PDA solution

Launch of multi-channel approach

Introduction of multi-language and multi-currency capability


End-to-end solution for retail finance (credit, leasing)

Data mining functionality

Data warehouse functionality

New contract management for wholesale finance


Launch of afb-CMS version 3 (e.g. SOA, standardised JEE platform)

Full automation for credit, leasing and wholesale finance

Extensions for mobile use


Integration of business intelligence

Integration of document and customer relationship management functionality

Full service management

Customer self service portal

Credit card, current account and deposit administration


Flexible design engine

Crefo inquiry at point of sale (POS)

VIN identification at POS

Electronic identification and authentication

Bulk processing of invoices

Quality records

Best practices for the best services

We care deeply about maintaining a high-quality, professional relationship with our customers. That is why we tailor not only our processes and products but also our employees' expertise precisely to the needs of our customers. In order to offer reliability and transparency, we work on the basis of established best practices. To support the company's claim of excellence, structured qualification programs secure and enhance the methodological expertise of our employees.


International financial institutions have been placing their business in our hands for more than 20 years

For more than two decades, renowned banks and leasing companies have been daily placing their business in our hands: in this way we take over responsibility for optimum implementation of hundreds of thousands of credit and leasing contracts for our customers. Below is a selection of references; others include BANK-now AG, BMW Bank GmbH, Cashgate AG, Credit Suisse Group AG, GMAC Bank Polska S.A. and KIA Motors Finance.

FFS Bank is captive bank for Hyundai and Subaru and a brand-independent financial expert. In addition, the automotive banking specialist within the Emil Frey Group supervises their subsidiaries. For nearly two decades, FFS has been focusing on its core competency: the development of financial products around automobile and the automobile trade. In addition to FFS Bank, two other successful companies with special expertise come together under the umbrella of FFS Group: a leasing company and an insurance service.

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Honda Bank GmbH is the financial services subsidiary of the automotive and motorcycle brand Honda. In addition to retail financing of new Honda vehicles (cars and motorcycles) and used vehicles of all makes (passenger cars and motorcycles), Honda Bank's product portfolio includes leasing for private and commercial customers. Residual debt and lease payments insurance are also arranged. Honda dealers are additionally offered wholesale financing for new and demonstration vehicles (cars and motorcycles) and for used passenger cars. Based in Frankfurt am Main, Honda Bank also has a branch in Spain and currently employs approximately 100 staff.

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MultiLease can look back on 25 years of experience in the field of vehicle financing. It is the financing company of the Emil Frey group and so the official leasing partner of the group’s import companies and the vehicle marques they represent, such as Jaguar, Kawasaki, Kia, Land Rover, Lexus, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Suzuki und Toyota. With around 45 employees, MultiLease is one of the leading automobile leasing companies in Switzerland.

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S-Kreditpartner GmbH is the credit specialist of the Savings Banks Finance Group for automotive and consumer financing. The company was established on 1 June 2011 as a subsidiary of Landesbank Berlin and Deutsche Leasing. Its partners include more than 300 Savings Banks and more than 1,000 dealerships in the automotive and leisure vehicle industry. S-Kreditpartner gives Savings Banks a powerful product and support package for the sale of S-Privatkredit (consumer financing) and S-Autokredit (vehicle financing). It provides solutions for wholesale and retail financing for the automotive and leisure vehicle trade.

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Because networks ensure future sustainability

Partnership is firmly rooted in our corporate philosophy. Our partner network includes product, integration, consulting and sales collaborations. In this way, all core competencies are brought together and all parties benefit. Through such networking with suitable partners, we can offer our customers comprehensive and integrated business solutions that meet their specific requirements. Selected partners can be found in the following overview.

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Customer journey optimisation based on Business Services

The future of information technology lies in the quintessence of digital transformation: lightweight, agile services. The afb Fast Intregration Business Services provide the possibility of implementing innovative functionalities in legacy systems, without changing their code basis and functionality.

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Case study

FFS Bank: a partnership for innovative credit business

FFS Bank is captive bank for Hyundai and Subaru and a brand-independent financial expert. The partnership of FFS Bank and afb is characterised by close cooperation and great innovative efforts. Since the beginning in 2000, the two companies have been regularly developing new innovations together.

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Case study

Leading automotive bank: automation in financing and leasing operations

No project without a business case, no investment without a sound basis for decision making. For that very reason, a leading automotive bank decided to work together with the experts of afb. The specific process stages and procedures involved in financing and leasing operations were examined and rated in terms of their optimisation potential as part of a consultation project.

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from mind to market – comprehensive solutions for the financial industry

We combine market-based expertise with a strong aptitude for technological innovative strength, transforming new knowledge into marketable products and services, and focussing on these factors for success.

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Explore your maturity level

How prepared is your company for digitalisation? With the Digital Capability Check-Up you can determine the digital maturity level of your company. At the completion of the Digital Capability Check-Up you will receive the detailed analysis results for your own further use, including the identified potential for optimisation for the digital future.

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Expert know-how for future-proof solutions

Together with our experienced consultants you will ensure that your strategies and processes are designed to cope with future challenges. We do not just provide you position papers, but support you in identifying, steering and specifying your fields of action as well as in implementing these.

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