Credit management systems require a comprehensive and homogeneous database to ensure the quality and efficiency of all related processes and follow-up processes. As an experienced partner, we assist our customers with procurement, refinement, provision and update of the required data catalogues. Through our data services, our customers are always provided with the latest data required for preparing financing applications.

Services Data

Vehicle catalogue for vehicles in the German-speaking countries

  • Comprehensive data catalogues for cars, trucks up to 3.5 t and motorcycles that cover the entire vehicle stock in Germany, Austria and Switzerland
  • Extensive basic data that include prices and insurance categories, detailed technical specifications of the vehicle as well as serial, special and additional equipment and accessories
  • Individual special services for manufacturers' banks, such as maintenance of manufacturer codes, generation codes or model year changes
  • Provision and consolidation of the established vehicle codes of e.g. Deutsche Automobil Treuhand (DAT), EurotaxSchwacke (ETS), JATO Dynamics (JTD) and Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (KBA)  
  • Upon request, data maintenance for caravans and trailers, municipal and agricultural vehicles, quad bikes, boats, trucks over 3.5 t and so on.

Data for other assets to be financed

  • Individual creation or import of catalogues and classifications for other kinds of movable property such as furniture, kitchens, white goods (e.g. household aids), brown goods (e.g. entertainment electronics), ICT, equipment, machinery, medical technology and other capital goods
  • Optionally, autonomous maintenance of the catalogue data by the customers with the help of online maintenance tools

Data supporting the quotation and application process    

  • Provision and update of address data for automatic address completion
  • Provision and update of IBAN and BIC, also for the automatic conversion
  • Provision and update of data for politically exposed persons (PEPs) and sanction lists

Benefits at a glance

  • Short delivery times: we integrate new assets and update existing assets in just a few business days.
  • Data directly from the manufacturer: we obtain the data directly from the manufacturer, so that our customers can rely on timeliness and quality of the data.


  • Selectable update cycles: our customers can choose the cycle for updating the data set in frequencies of one, two or four weeks.
  • Modularity: the data catalogue is modular and thus can be adapted to customer-specific requirements.


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