The module group Statistics of the afb Credit Management Solution (afb-CMS) represents the business intelligence system that forms an integral part of afb-CMS.

Users benefit from extensive web-based reports and analyses that are divided into the target groups marketing and sales, application management, contract management and accounting, accounting and controlling, system and administration; and into the available business areas such as retail finance for credit and leasing, wholesale finance, collateral management, partner management etc.

Standardised reports and flexible analyses thus form an ideal basis for operational decision-making and control of daily operations. Accurate knowledge of own business activities form the basis for strategic decisions, risk management and future development of financial products and customer relationships.

afb-CMS can also provide the central data pool from the data warehouse to third party systems and services and connect third-party systems to the central data warehouse. The data warehouse thus forms a central data pool for the connected heterogeneous systems and drastically reduces the number of direct interfaces between the systems.

Services Statistics

  • Provision of specialised modules for the various user groups, such as statistics for general users or data analysis for power users for employees at the point of sale, in the field or at the financial services provider
  • Online Transactional Processing (OLTP) provides traditional reports on the data warehouse or real-time reports on the operative dataset, the results of which are displayed in tabular form or crosstabs and bounded by filters and search criteria and formed for cumulation and aggregation
  • Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) allows for the analysis of operations drill-down and roll-up as well as slicing and dicing on multidimensional data cubes
  • All data can be exported and further processed in Office programs such as Excel or Word
  • The afb-CMS and other operating systems provide the Operational Data Store (ODS) of the data warehouse daily with operational data extracted, transformed and loaded automatically through means of the integrated ETL tools
  • Basic data structures such as OLAP cubes and OLTP tables are generated by transformation of the data from the ODS in mostly daily intervals and form the basis for reporting and analyses
  • Reports and analyses for marketing and sales form the basis for targeted offers to customers and prospects, include information about assets, partner and customer groups in the observation of sales markets and allow the evaluation of financial products such as the market acceptance of special interest rates or dependence on criteria such as gender or age
  • Reports and analyses for the application decision and processing allow monitoring of performance and quality of decision-making, processing and billing
  • Reports and analyses for the module groups Contract Administration and Accounting provide for example commission and subsidy statistics, data for reporting to payment protection insurance, upcoming instalments and return debits, as well as information about open items, evaluations of agreements in the reminder function depending on segmentation, coordination statistics with the general ledger or consolidated ledger of the accounting system and much more
  • Reports and analyses for accounting and controlling include e.g. information on vehicle inventory valuations, credit risk analysis, accounting standards (HGB, IFRS), net asset value calculation, specific valuation allowance based on dunning, reporting
  • Reports and analyses for system and administration provide e.g. information on use, usage patterns and system utilisation of afb-CMS

    Advantages at a glance

    • Integrated system: afb-CMS forms Business Intelligence (business insight and analytics) around the finance business of banks and leasing companies in an integrated, web-based system.
    • Free choice of distribution channels: reports and analyses are no longer performed only by employees of the financial services provider, but are made available to employees at the point of sale (POS), field staff and others partners involved in business transactions.
    • Increasing competitiveness: financial services providers who have exact knowledge of their own business have an excellent basis for operational decision-making and control of their daily operations and have a basis for strategic decisions, risk management and future development of financial products and customer relationships, thereby achieving successful differentiation in the market.
    • Over the entire life cycle: the module group includes a variety of ready-made, proven reports along the lifecycle of a service or for the target groups marketing and sales, application decision and processing, contract management and accounting, accounting and controlling as well as administration and performance of the system.


      • For available business areas: reports and analyses are available for Retail Finance (credit and leasing), Wholesale Finance, Collateral Management, Partner management etc.
      • Flexible analyses: the business intelligence system supports Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) for complex, timely analysis as well as Online Transactional Processing (OLTP) in traditional tabular form. In OLTP, users can choose between analyses based on data of the data warehouse or real-time data of the operational inventory. Flexible query methods cover issues related to the credit and leasing business of a financial services provider.
      • Easy integration: the module group can also make the central database of the data warehouse available to third party systems and services and connect third-party systems to the central data warehouse. The data warehouse thus forms a central data pool for analyses of data of afb-CMS and connected heterogeneous systems, and significantly reduces the number of direct interfaces between the systems.
      • High degree of automation: using the built-in functions for extracting, transforming and loading data (ETL) completely automates the extraction, transformation and construction of data structures, data tables and data cubes.

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