Collateral Management

The afb Credit Management Solution (afb-CMS) provides effective collateral management that allow our customers management of collateral via tailored processes, automates the associated processes and optimally supports standard bulk business. The financial services providers' business contracts with borrowers are hedged by collateral agreements consisting of collateral agreement and asset.

The module group Collateral Management is directly linked with the financing operation such as retail and wholesale finance and partner management. Our customers get integrated system support for their requirements for collateral management in the financing transaction.



Services Collateral Management

  • Managing of collaterals through the collateral contract consisting of collateral agreement and asset.
  • Linking of the collateral contract with the financing transaction to be hedged
  • Specification of the collateral asset (tangible assets such as movable asset, real estate and intangible assets) and integration of third-party systems for automatic evaluation of the collateral
  • Defining the collateral contract such as transfer by way of security, suretyship and warranty etc.
  • Maintaining the applicable fees, such as administrative, storage and retrieval fees for temporary or permanent collateral withdrawals
  • Determination of the partners involved, such as guarantors, collateral takers, collateral recipients and depositories
  • Functionalities for storage, retention and retrieval of collateral together with status tracking and connection of external archiving systems
  • Functionality for temporary and definitive withdrawal of collateral incl. decision, logging and tracking

      Advantages at a glance

      • Integrated system: afb-CMS covers the entire lifecycle of collateral management in one integrated system.
      • High degree of automation: with afb-CMS, our customers operate their collateral management with the highest level of automation. It is designed for high-volume, standardised processes, quick decisions and automated processing of management and termination of collaterals.
      • Free choice of distribution channels: with the solution, financial services providers are present in all B2B sales channels. Cooperation and trading partners can induce final and temporary withdrawal of collateral independently.
      • Increasing competitiveness: in addition to the financing transaction, the module group Collateral Management also offers a sales function for financial services providers in granting credit lines.
      • Wide range of agreements: distraints, transfer by way of security, loan-guarantees, savings agreements, guarantees, declarations, transfers etc.
      • Flexible financial products: the solution makes it possible to offer flexible fees for specific arrangements for collateral.


      • For many collateral assets: tangible assets such as equipment (e.g. motor vehicles, machinery or inventories) and real estate (land, buildings or apartments) and intangible assets such as securities portfolio, building loan contracts, insurance etc.
      • Decision within the framework of the risk strategy: afb-CMS makes the decision to withdraw collateral based on the criteria and rules defined by the financial services provider. This ensures compliance with standardised and centralised guidelines and regulatory requirements.
      • Automatic evaluation: in standard bulk business, regular (monthly, quarterly) updating of the collateral value can no longer be manually displayed. The direct connection of evaluation systems allows automatic and regular assessment of the collateral.
      • Professional archiving: an integrated archiving system allows for automation of storage and retrieval.
      • Close interaction: the module group Collateral Management works in an integrated system with the other modules such as Retail Finance, Wholesale Finance, Contract Management, Partner Management and Statistics.


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